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Kathy Chittley-Young & Important Information About Slander Or Libel Personal Injury

When it comes to a personal injury issue, an experienced legal firm can help. Kathy Chittley-Young and her team at KCY at Law, located at 920 Brant Street, Suite 8, Burlington, ON L7R 4J1, specialize in cases that involve personal injury. The firm can be reached at (905) 639-0999, but for now, please enjoy this blog post about personal injury.

Before discussing slander or libel and if they constitute personal injury, you should know the legal definition of personal injury. Basically, personal injury is any act that causes injury to the mind or body of a person. In most cases, negligence or intentional malice is the reason behind plaintiff’s injury and once a personal injury attorney proves it in a court, the injured individual is entitled to get a financial compensation from the defendant.

What Is Slander?

When another individual or business expresses malicious lies about someone else's health, character, family or business it is considered slander. Such malicious lies can have a severe effect on the emotional well-being of the individual. He or she can seek damages for the mental injury inflicted on him or her for the loss of business suffered due to it by filing a personal injury lawsuit. A qualified personal injury lawyer will file a defamation lawsuit against the person or persons responsible for slandering his or her client. However, in order to prove an allegation of slander, another person should have heard the same.

What Is Libel?

Libel means written defamation of a person through a fixed medium such as magazine, emails, newspaper, letter, and radio or TV broadcast. An individual can be charged with libel if he or she communicates a false statement that damages the reputation, family life or business of another individual through written words or images that appear in a fixed medium. Some examples of libel are described below:
• A newspaper story about an athlete taking steroids
• A magazine feature on a celebrity cheating on his or her spouse
• A TV broadcast that alleges that a famous personality was caught using drugs

Such baseless statements can cause considerable harm to a person’s reputation and he or she can recover damages for this by taking legal action against the person responsible for spreading these rumors.
Get Sound Legal Help

If you or a close one of yours has been a victim of libel or slander, thus resulting in loss of reputation and emotional trauma, you have to get legal help. A personal injury lawyer can help you seek the rightful amount in damages from the guilty person instead of accepting a quick payout. The experience of qualified personal injury lawyers with insurance companies, other lawyers, and the court proceedings also helps in saving a lot of time, money, and energy.

Moreover, by having an experienced personal injury attorney by your side, all aspects of your case will likely be reviewed in depth to evaluate the right amount of claim. Additionally, your lawyer will tell you if it is worth your while to go to court with your claim or it is better to resolve the issue through mediation and an out of court settlement.

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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The Details of Personal Injury - From KCY at LAW

When it comes to a personal injury matter, an experienced legal team can help. Kathy Chittley-Young and her team at KCY at LAW, located at 920 Brant Street, Suite 8, Burlington, ON L7R 4J1, specialize in cases involving personal injury. The firm can be reached at (905) 639-0999, but in the meantime, please enjoy this post about personal injury.

Usually whenever a person suffers personal injury, he or she takes the responsible company or person to court. In most cases these cases deal with huge sums of money. So it is in the best interest of the affected party to look for a personal injury lawyer who understands how to do his or her job exceptionally well.

Personal Injury

If you are suing for personal injury, it is best to first grasp what the law covers you for. The kind of law which relates to personal injury cases involves civil matters. Basically, in civil cases the plaintiff will likely be trying to get compensation for harm suffered as a result of another party's negligence. So that you can obtain compensation you must take the personal injury claim to court. There are several instances of cases where individuals can submit a personal injury lawsuit. These include vehicle accidents, slip and fall injury and medical malpractice.

Why it's important to hire an outstanding personal injury attorney

If you wish to sue someone based on personal injury you have to try to find a great lawyer. This way your odds of achieving the right compensation are high. A qualified lawyer offers the advantage of understanding the relevant law and lots of experience when it comes to personal injury cases. Because of the extensive experience, the attorney will have the ability to argue your case well.

Characteristics of an excellent personal injury lawyer

The first thing that you have to look for in the professional is the level of experience in personal injury law. The lawyer really should have extensive experience in dealing with matters including insurance company negotiations and must be a master at litigating the matter in a court of law.

The only way that anyone can determine if the lawyer has enough experience is always to look at the previous cases that she or he has worked on. You can do this by going online. In this way you'll be able to find out just how the lawyer handled previous cases and exactly how he is likely to deal with your case. Yet another way of finding out information regarding the attorney is to read testimonials of previous clients. Basically, what you will really be trying to do is to discover if you will be working with a reputable person. Choosing a lawyer who is honest and trustworthy is important simply because you want someone you can rely on.

It is also important to note that a good lawyer doesn't charge the client until they have won the case. Charging in this way is a clear indication that the lawyer believes that the client has a strong case. Those attorneys who charge their clients prior to arguing the matter in court will simply be showing that they are not positive about winning the case. For anyone who is considering suing someone for personal injury, it is essential that you find a fantastic lawyer. Such a lawyer needs to have the necessary experience to be able to argue your case in a court of law. The whole point of bringing a claim is so that you can get the compensation which you are entitled to. The attorney should be able to inform you of your chances of winning the case and the sum of money you can sue for.

If you got some value from and have enjoyed this post, you can learn more about personal injury issues from KCY at LAW, a legal firm headed by attorney Kathy Chittley-Young. You can reach the firm, located at 920 Brant Street, Suite 8, Burlington, ON L7R 4J1, at (905) 639-0999. Also, if you like this blog post, then why not share it online on Facebook?

Friday, 4 November 2011

Excellent Service With A Motor Vehicle Accident Case

I was referred to KCY at LAW after becoming involved in a motor vehicle accident back in 2004. The experience of first surviving the ordeal of the crash, then trying to piece back together my life afterward was overwhelming. Kathy invested a great deal of time to help me fully understand and re-create the accident scene. She discussed with me all the legalities involved in the procedure of litigation. Kathy took a real interest in learning about me as a person and what my life had been up to the point of the accident.

Ms. Chittley-Young is very well informed and very knowledgeable in motor vehicle law. I discovered her to be very professional and quick to take the correct actions. To add, Kathy Chittley-Young was quite ingenious in seeking details and finding the right professionals for my case. Her capability to be well-prepared and systematic provided me contentment in being aware  that all the best and possible avenues were used to guarantee a just end result.

It was a true pleasure to have connected with Kathy and particularly reassuring to have worked with her. I highly recommend Ms. Chittley-Young and surely would not think twice to recommend anyone to her who requires her expert services.

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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Thanks For The Help With My Medical Malpractice Case

It is hard to make the determination to sue for medical malpractice, as many of us actually have no concept of what is required. When you are in a malpractice suit it is even harder due to the fact it is nothing like you expect. This has been my experience.

My situation has been very long and involved and there has not been a day that I have not been so very pleased to have Kathy Chittley-Young defending me. Through all the monotonous parts she is constantly there and clarifies in detail and continues to keep me in the loop at all times.

She is constantly available for my concerns. Even though at moments it had been frustrating, Kathy gives support when necessary and keeps things moving as quickly as possible. She takes into consideration how the whole situation impacts me as a plaintiff, and explains often how "the other side" works. She has been and continues to be an excellent choice for me. I'm very fortunate to have discovered her.